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A warehouse order picking cart is an essential tool in an e-commerce business or a retail store environment with secured merchandise. From custom cart solutions to stock offerings, our stock picking carts can help you streamline merchandise selection and order organization while increasing productivity.


Warehouse stock picking carts can be used into any fulfillment center or warehouse operation as a source for faster wave picking, stocking, or even transporting warehouse inventory. Stock and order picking carts are also a great way to utilize unused shelf space and make confined warehouse spaces and tight corners easier to maneuver.

A warehouse order picking cart is an essential tool in an e-commerce business or a retail store environment with secured merchandise. From custom solutions to stock offerings, National Cart Co. can help you streamline merchandise selection and order organization while increasing productivity and safety with order picker platforms. Contact us today to find stock picking carts that will increase warehouse productivity.


With e-commerce fulfillment and delivery services, such as home delivery of groceries, accuracy and efficiency are extremely important. Employees need to be able to safely and precisely select products from a sheet containing multiple orders, and transport the items to a central shipment hub.

To maximize efficiency in the batch picking process, each employee selecting merchandise needs to fulfill multiple orders on one trip into the warehouse shelves. The use of an order picking cart helps make this efficiency improvement possible while reducing human error. Segmented carts and additional add-ons such as a tote or shelf make it possible to segregate orders while fulfilling multiple invoices.


Stock picking carts can be as simple as a basic basket-style cart able to attach to a forklift, but many have multiple shelf levels and order picker platforms that include unique features. The ideal cart for an order fulfillment environment features multiple shelves. They are often configured with totes, bag holders on each shelf to provide more organization for use in the warehouse. Shelf levels can be angled to add ergonomics to increased visibility and flexibility.

When used together, these tools help the picker select the necessary merchandise to fulfill orders, keep orders separate and transport a volume of merchandise to a shipping center in the warehouse. From here, the batch picking cart is unloaded, and items are prepared for shipment or local delivery.

With the increased availability of home delivery services for food and retail merchandise, stock picking carts are moving from the warehouse to the shopping aisle. The increased use of totes, or removable containers, on the picking cart allows multiple delivery orders to be completed in one sweep of the store, streamlining the multi-order picking process. The totes for individual orders are then easily transferred to a pickup location for transfer to a customer’s car or a delivery vehicle.

National Cart Co. keeps an eye toward the future, and as more machines enter the warehouse fulfillment sphere, our stock picking carts are up to the challenge of increasing productivity. Many of our order picking carts and material handling carts are now designed with the ability to couple into a multi-cart load navigated by machinery as an employee selects merchandise. Contact National Cart Co. to find ideal stock picking carts that best handle your warehouse and factory operations.


Material handling carts come in a variety of styles and materials. From lighter weight aluminum options to heavy-duty solutions, there is a cart for every application. Material handling carts are primarily used for the movement of merchandise internally in a warehouse environment, not stationary workstations. These carts feature swivel wheels for easy navigation and can be customized for individual businesses. For example, garden stores often use carts with a grating system to allow for easy cleanup.


For stock picking purposes, a picking cart can be customized with attachments for digital order management systems. These carts come with a tote or shelf that provides additional accessibility for workers to maneuver the warehouse while keeping the products secured within the cart. These carts come as 2-shelf flat carts, 2-shelf distribution carts, and even 3-shelf utility carts.

iPad shelves and other electronic fulfillment tools can easily clip to a cart for stockers or pickers to reference while navigating the warehouse or store. The ability to interface with the inventory management system digitally also allows workers to receive new orders in their area while fulfilling existing invoices.


Ladder carts are key for order picking in areas with repeat vertical challenges. They provide additional security for pickers while keeping workers in a safe position while selecting merchandise. Flat shelving makes it possible to load items of various sizes, including heavy, oversized items such as bulk orders of liquids or large electronics. Smaller order picking carts can also be used for runners who need to follow up when items are left off an order or customers request changes.


Picking is only half of the inventory battle. Carts order picking and service carts can also be used to restock inventory bins for future picking efforts. U-boat carts and inventory management carts provide multiple shelves for unloading boxes and distributing merchandise to various areas of the warehouse quickly and easily. Service carts can also be used to return merchandise to stock when orders are modified or canceled before fulfillment.


When utilizing carts in your warehouse operation, you need to evaluate any inventory characteristics that are required in the picking process. Analyzing these characteristics can further determine which type of cart will serve best for your application.

Steel and aluminum warehouse picking carts need to be able to adequately house and transport your products. Most of these carts have a capacity of between 1,2000 lbs. And 3,600 lbs, and have an average clearance between 11” and 17”. Consider these characteristics when searching for new picking carts that fit the description of the products you’ll need to fit on the carts.

Additionally, you may need to consider the type of material that industrial carts are made from depending on the weight of your product. If you require carts to transport multiple heavy products at once, consider carts made from steel wire that have multiple shelves and shelf sizes. These will have more storage density per cart, and provide a faster product accessibility experience.


What is Order Picking in a Warehouse?

Order picking is finding and extracting products from a warehouse to fulfill customer orders. Since the process involves significant costs and can affect customer satisfaction levels, there is an increasing number of improvements to help companies with any supply chain issues. This includes improvements in stock picking carts.

How Can I Improve My Picking Order?

Improving picking order comes from choosing the right picking strategies that lead to improvements in productivity, whether your warehouse uses a conveyor system or another type of automation. One way to improve picking order is through the use of reliable stock picking carts that function better for your workers, with unique features like fork pockets and designs that are easy to maneuver. Our steel, aluminum, and other various picking carts offer solutions for better company productivity. National Cart Co. is the leading company in warehouse picking carts. Contact us today for help streamlining your merchandise selection while increasing company productivity.

National Cart Co. can custom design stock picking carts designed for industries with small items, such as crafts or auto parts. Contact us today for additional information on the warehouse picking carts available at National Cart Co.

Our business also provides in-store solutions for businesses with both an e-commerce and storefront approach, from buggy corrals to lumber carts, we can meet all of your needs.

Contact National Cart Co. at 1-855-NCC-CART to discuss your custom cart needs.