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Aluminum Slant Shelf Pick Cart | National Cart picking cart
Workstation shelf
Aluminum Slant 3 Shelf Pick Cart picking cart
Aluminum Slant Three Shelf Pick Cart picking cart
Aluminum Slant Shelf Pick Cart | National Cart picking cart Workstation shelf Aluminum Slant 3 Shelf Pick Cart picking cart Aluminum Slant Three Shelf Pick Cart picking cart
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Custom Options

  • Custom color options available.
  • Different shelves available.
  • Different wheels available.

Aluminum Slant Shelf Pick Cart

This Aluminum Slant Shelf Pick Cart allows you to increase picking efficiency. The drop-down platform shelf can be used as a workstation to hold the tools and devices you need. The smooth slant shelving allows you to easily pull totes on and off the shelves.

  • Increases productivity. The workstation shelf allows you to have everything at your fingertips.
  • Prevents product damage. The Stop bar on the shelves help hold the totes in place.
  • Balanced and stable. The no rock center caster provides extra stability and easy mobility.
  • Lightweight. Durable yet lightweight aluminum design.
  • Enhanced Picking Efficiency: The Aluminum Slant Shelf Pick Cart is designed to boost picking efficiency, streamlining the process of retrieving items for increased productivity.
  • Versatile Drop-Down Platform Shelf: Featuring a drop-down platform shelf, this cart serves as a multifunctional workstation, providing a convenient space to organize and access tools and devices required for efficient picking operations.
  • Adaptable Workspace: The drop-down platform shelf offers a flexible workspace, allowing users to customize and organize their tools and devices based on specific picking requirements, contributing to a more organized and efficient workflow.
  • Smooth Slant Shelving: The cart’s smooth slant shelving design facilitates easy movement of totes on and off the shelves. This feature optimizes accessibility, ensuring a seamless and efficient picking process.
  • Optimal Tote Handling: The slant shelving is strategically designed to accommodate totes, allowing for smooth and effortless handling during the picking process. This enhances overall operational efficiency and reduces the time required for each picking task.
  • Improved Ergonomics: With its thoughtfully designed slant shelving, the cart promotes improved ergonomics, making it easier for users to reach items on the shelves comfortably. This contributes to a more user-friendly and physically comfortable picking experience.
  • Space-Saving Design: The efficient use of space on the slant shelves maximizes storage capacity, making the Aluminum Slant Shelf Pick Cart a space-saving solution for businesses aiming to optimize their storage areas.
  • Durable Aluminum Construction: Crafted from durable aluminum, the cart ensures longevity and resilience in demanding work environments, providing a reliable solution for frequent use in industrial or warehouse settings.
  • Time-Saving Workstation: The integrated drop-down platform shelf not only organizes tools and devices but also serves as a time-saving workstation, minimizing the need for users to move back and forth to gather necessary equipment during the picking process.
  • Increased Workplace Efficiency: Combining features like enhanced picking efficiency, adaptable workspaces, and smooth slant shelving, this cart contributes to increased overall workplace efficiency, making it a valuable asset for businesses looking to optimize their picking operations.

Order #
129 lbs.


NMFC CODE: 188560-s4

Replacement Parts

  • (1) Spring loaded caster (B002271)
  • (4) Swivel casters (B000312)

Increases Productivity

Prevents Product Damage

Balanced and Stable

lightweight design