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Adaptable for forklifts. Universal forklift-accepting pockets. Cage Cart Picking Cart industrial cart material handling fulfilment cart distribution cart Material handling INDUSTRIAL CARTS, picking cart, forklift compatible cart Forklift Cart picking cart | National Cart picking Utility Cart, Distribution Cart, picking cart, ecom cart, ecommerce cart, ecommerce picking cart, picking cart, grocery cart, grocery picking cart, department store cart, beverage cart BACK STOCK CARTS Picking Cart Rolltainer, order picker cart, order picking cart
Adaptable for forklifts. Universal forklift-accepting pockets. Cage Cart
  • Ease of Use. Can be moved via man power, walkie-rider and/or fork lift.
  • Secure and visible. See-through, three-sided enclosures help items stay secure while increasing visibility.
  • Adaptable for forklifts. Universal forklift-accepting pockets.
  • Keeps products secure. Wire grid is sturdy but lightweight to secure products within cart.
  • Prevents damage. Ease of rolltainer mobility with swivel casters in the rear next to the stomp brake prevents damage done to products on the cart and store fixtures.
  • Increased productivity. Decreases the amount of time needed to stock shelves.
  • Secure. Net contains items during the transfer.
Order #
FPC-3050-1, Put away Cart - 2 SWVL, 2 RIGID
223 lbs.

Increase productivity.

Secure and Visible

Fork lift enabled


Decreased transfer time

Custom Options
  • Custom color options available.
  • Optional retention net.
  • Different wheels available.
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