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Every facility has different set of applications, products, SKUs, and processes. That’s why we offer a wide range of material handling carts–including custom solutions–designed to eliminate the challenges that come with maneuvering through busy aisles and tight areas and decrease the effort needed to roll from point A to point B.

Our material handling carts allow items to be transported safely and efficiently throughout the facility.  

A wide range of material handling carts are available, as each facility has a different application, product, SKUs, and process. Our material handling carts are used for various functions such as maneuvering through busy aisles, customer experience and tight areas in the back room. Stocking and picking can sometimes be a challenge if you don’t have the right cart to use. Our material handling carts can alleviate the challenge by combining easy access to products while maintaining a stocking cart work environment.

Material handling carts enable one person to transport large/oversized boxes, furniture, lumber, and other odd sized, hard to handle items. Not only do our material handling carts provide functionality for large items, they increase efficiency of small items. Associates use material handling carts during receiving, picking, stocking and shelving processes. By eliminating the amount of touches and moves, material handling carts increase operational efficiency. We also manufacture material handling carts to enhance your consumer’s shopping experience. High quality, versatile carts can be used both by store associates and your customers to enhance their shopping experience.

National Cart is a leader in design and, manufacturing and distribution of material handling products, which enables us to custom design carts to meet your specific needs.