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  • Heavy duty. Constructed of square sanitary aluminum tube with steel powder coated handles.
  • Lightweight design. Made of aluminum construction.
  • Increased storage space. Can stand on end when not in use in order to maximize space.
  • Helps prevent damage. Unit comes standard with corner bumpers to help prevent fixture damage.
  • Maneuverable. Six-wheel design with locking center casters allow to turn within own radius.
Order #
AL-UB-2260-2H U-BOAT
73 lbs.
62 lbs.
59 lbs.

NMFC CODE: 188560-S9


  • (2) 6” x 2” polyurethane center swivel casters with brakes, replacement order #B000312. Fasteners
  • order #B000543 (bolt) and #B0001257 (nut).
  • (4) 5” x 1.25” flat plate bolt on polyurethane corner wheels, replacement order #B000334. Fasteners
  • order #B000006 (bolt) and #B001225 (nut).


Custom Utility Carts Crafted Just for You

We design and manufacture our products with you in mind. Our utility carts are constructed for versatility and durability in almost any industry, but you might want more than one of our standard models to meet your needs. That’s why National Cart Co. is proud to work with you to develop a custom utility cart solution for your business.

Our experienced team will create a custom cart to your specifications. Whether you need a particular material, loading style, or lifting device, we can customize various features to make the cart that you need. We can even give your cart a custom powder coated finish for a long-lasting, attractive appearance. From design to manufacturing to distribution, we’ll solve your challenges and provide a custom utility cart that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your business run smoother.

How Custom Carts Can Help Your Business

Not every cart is designed for the unique environment of your business and sometimes the wrong sized or shaped cart can interrupt your operations. Or worse, your operations could be suffering without any carts at all to support your activities. Carts from National Cart Co. give your business the edge it needs to perform more efficiently.

Custom carts are essential in supporting your employees as they work. No matter if they’ve been on the job for two weeks or two years, repeatedly carrying boxes, trays, and heavy duty objects can cause fatigue and injury for employees without the right equipment to help them. But with industrial carts designed for their specific roles, employees can load and transport their work more safely and comfortably.

Your products and inventory can move securely with shelves made to fit their precise dimensions. And since our carts are equipped with responsive, durable wheels and casters, you can maximize space and become more organized while improving the mobility of your workforce throughout your facility.

Examples of Our Carts and Styles

At National Cart Co., we offer solutions for every obstacle. If your business needs to operate more efficiently, we have a wide selection of carts available to streamline your operations.

Our carts and styles include:

  • Aluminum Distribution Carts
  • Aluminum End Loading Pan Racks
  • Box Bin Carts
  • Bussing Carts
  • Drop Gate Carts
  • Heavy Duty Carts
  • Instrument Carts
  • Inventory Carts
  • Slant Pick Carts
  • Stainless Steel Carts
  • Shelf Carts
  • Trolley Carts
  • And More

Our products are made to the strictest standards with our advanced technology and efficient processes. Whether you need a completely custom cart or one of our standard products, we’ve got the carts and styles you want.

High Quality Carts for All Needs

We provide high-quality carts to clients across a wide variety of industries, from food service to warehousing. No matter if you need help with fulfillment, production, or anything in between, you’re sure to find the cart solution you’re looking for at National Cart Co.

Heavy duty

Maximizes storage space

Prevents damage

Light-weight design

Custom Options
  • Custom color options available.
  • Different sizing available.
  • Different wheels available.
Looking for Something Custom?
Tell us what we can build for you.