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  • Built To Last. Our self-leveling carts are fabricated with heavy-duty materials. These carts are built to stand the test of time and perform loading and unloading operations for years to come.
  • Versatile And Ergonomic. With the help of self-leveling carts, the amount of bending and stretching to access products can be reduced, allowing a more ergonomic environment for workers.
  • Easy Mobility. These self-leveling cart units come in many different sizes that can handle your business’s adjusting product capacity. Because of the versatility in design that we offer, you can be sure to find a cart that can move freely through aisles and work areas and fit the needs of your business.
  • Product Retention. High-quality carts and equipment can be an inexpensive and practical approach to increasing product retention. The self-leveling aspect of these carts allows for increased stability of products on the cart, which often can lead to higher product retention as product drops are less likely to occur.
  • Safety. With features like brakes, wheel locks, and more, you can feel assured that your employees are safe and that even a full capacity of merchandise on the cart is secure.
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199 lbs

With self-leveling carts from National Cart Co, employees can stock up or bring down bulky product loads, heavy tote boxes, and large units, all without bending over. These carts use heavy-duty springs that compress and expand, allowing for automatic height adjustment depending on the amount of product on the cart at any given time. Higher product weights will result in a lowered height. Because of this working height adjustment, merchandise can be easily accessible and safe to transport within a warehouse or workspace. Self-leveling carts can come in a multitude of different sizes to best fit the needs of your business. Workers can effectively utilize these carts in various industries as they are versatile and easy to operate.

How Our Self-Leveling Carts Can Help Your Business

Self-leveling carts can be a great addition to any product-based business. These carts decrease employee fatigue and are also a great way to improve productivity and efficiency. Employees can stock faster and move products that weigh more in a safer manner. When dealing with heavy products, risk can be mitigated as the self-leveling carts can meet the product at the proper height, in the same way that vertical travel on a forklift is used. With the help of self-leveling carts, necessary duties can easily be assisted, allowing for increased productivity.

Saves labor dollars

Reduces put-away time


Reduces loss time

Custom Options
  • Custom color options available.
  • Different sizing available.
  • Different wheels available
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