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Mobile Trash Carts Align With 5s Methodology

The 5s Mobile Trash Cart aligns with not only the 5s methodology but can also help with your overall business goals.

We’re excited to announce a new product hitting the market place this month.  We have listened to our customers’ needs and have taken the time to analyze and develop a custom solution for warehouse and industrial cleanliness. The 5s Mobile Trash Cart is one of the newest additions to our offering. This cart consists of four swivel lock casters, front foot brake for staging in a specific area, welded steel construction, powder coated finish for lasting durability, ergonomic handles, as well as a customizable 7”x24” attachment bracket. This product ships fully assembled and ready for use!

You might ask why is this product “5s” or how did we develop a product that not only fits the 5s methodology but also can assist with creating more “5s” areas in a facility. Five S is a methodology that assists facilities in removing unneeded clutter and to create a systematic approach to organizing items that are used throughout a facility on a frequent basis.  Below you can read each of the five S’s and how our Mobile Trash Cart fits into each category.

The five S’s are as follows:

  1. Sort – determining what items are needed and getting rid of what is unneeded for the task or department

Our cart can have custom attachments to hold exactly what is needed or required for a clean-up. (broom, mop, dustpan, paper towel, wet floor sign, trash can, etc)

  1. Straighten – Organize the needed items in a way that they can be accessed without having to seek and search for a needed item.

With the 7”x24” punched steel bracket along the back of the cart you have the freedom to mount needed items on the front or back side. This will give an organized look and a consistent visual in your facility.

  1. Shine – is the process of creating a clean workplace free of unnecessary items, dirt, garbage, etc.

This is the key point of the trash cart. This cart was designed to be a mobile clean up cart. It can be equipped with all the necessary tools for a clean up and can be moved to the site of the mess in turn reducing downtime and extra steps in a clean up process.

  1. Standardize – Setting a standard in place that can be duplicated throughout a single facility or multiple facilities.

National Cart builds these carts right here in our facility in Saint Charles Missouri. We can customize the color for organization within one facility or department along with the ability to handle a nationwide or global roll out to all a company’s facilities.

  1. Sustain – putting to action the five S program and implementing behaviors to continue and improve the program over the long term.

Sustainability with any program is important and with the proper training and support a clean workplace can be a priority. Here at National Cart we have started utilizing these carts in our manufacturing areas for clearing debris in our heavier production areas. A clean safe workplace is a priority not just for our customers but also here internally.

As you can see the 5s Mobile Trash Cart can fit into the Five S model and bring value to facilities of all shapes and sizes. Contact us to learn how our Material Handling Carts can help with your warehouse challenges.

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