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Case Study: Spring Loaded U-Boat

Our client is one of the world’s largest grocery retail groups. They’re present in many countries with over 7K stores throughout the world.  

Business Challenge

The Associates were experiencing injuries and fatigue while lifting merchandise and stocking shelves. In addition, the supermarket chain was receiving an increased amount of workman comp claims related to injuries while stocking and moving merchandise throughout the grocery store.  They needed to find a solution to help increase Associate’s safety while reducing fatigue by improving ergonomics.


We provided the Spring-Loaded U-boat as a solution. It allows for easy and ergonomic access to merchandise when stocking shelves. The spring compresses to the perfect ergonomic work height when loaded with the minimum weight of 400 lbs.  It can easily maneuver through busy grocery store aisles. The brakes keep the u-boat from moving while loading and unloading, and the safety pin keeps the handles in place. In addition, this Spring-Loaded U-boat has custom no-rock casters that increase stability for better product retention while transporting products.


  • $220K safety savings (annually)
  • Reduced three workman comp claims (annually)
  • Direct labor impact reduced by $134K (annually)

Application Environment

  • Grocery Stocking & Picking Merchandise
  • Retail Stocking & Picking Merchandise
  • Warehouse Stocking

Product Consideration/Requirements

  • Ergonomic
  • Versatile
  • Easy Mobility
  • Heavy-duty Steel
  • No rock casters provide stability
  • Brakes help keep the u-boat in place


They were able to increase their bottom line and reduce injuries and workman comp claims. Additionally, when they decreased associate fatigue, they increased efficiency and productivity. They are now able to stock the shelves much faster and safer than before.

We provide solutions to help minimize movement, increase organization, reduce shrink and overall operating cost. If you have an e-commerce challenge you would like help solving, please contact us.

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