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Increase Your Picking Capacity with Order Picker Carts


  • High Capacity Order picker carts
  • Multiple lift truck application
  • Increased safety in the air and on the ground
  • Increased efficiencies during picking
  • High quality for low maintenance and increased life span

Their Problem / Our Solution: 

A large 3PL needed a solution to increase their picking capacity during the holiday season.  Along with dozens of Crown Order Pickers in their facility, they also had a dozen Crown Pallet movers. The idea was to have one cart work with both types of lifts. However, because of the different lifting methods, having existing products were unsafe and would have been damaged by the different types of lifts.

National Cart’s solution was to modify our cage carts to accept both order pickers and pallet movers.  So during holiday seasons and times, associates could pick using any lift truck they had available.  The order pickers would use the carts for high level picks and the pallet movers would handle anything at ground level.  Additionally, all the other areas of operation could stay the same because of the common usage.

Using two different picker carts would have caused wasted space, extra dollars, increased training on proper usage, packing and picking. To learn more about our forklift order picker carts, click here for more information.

We would love to streamline your order picking process. Contact us and a member of our experienced team will be in touch with you shortly! For immediate assistance, please call us at toll free at 1-855-NCC-CART (1-855-622-2278). 

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