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Warehouse Carts Have Evolved

Warehouse carts are a key element of many material handling workflows within commercial and industrial environments. Various workflow configurations for them exist. Unfortunately, carts productivity is limited by their need for manual operation.

Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) are also in use within warehouses worldwide. Wikipedia describes AGC’s as “An automated guided vehicle (AGV), different from an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), is a portable robot that follows along marked long lines or wires on the floor, or uses radio waves, vision cameras, magnets, or lasers for navigation. They are most often used in industrial applications to transport heavy materials around a large industrial building, such as a factory or warehouse.” (Wikipedia)

National Cart Co currently provides solutions for warehouse and ecom carts that work with robots to increase productivity and picking speeds. These carts are designed specifically to maximize the efficiency of cart-based workflows in both commercial and industrial settings.

Robots pick up, transport, and drop off warehouse carts to any location, within any warehouse, factory, or distribution center. After loading the cart, a warehouse associate simply requests a pick-up and selects a drop-off location. The nearest robot will then direct itself to the pick-up area, dock with the loaded cart, and transport itself to the selected drop-off area. Once complete, the robot automatically detaches from the cart and is immediately ready for the next task. During this transport, another cart can be loaded by the same associate and be ready for the same or another available robot to pick up. This Increases productivity and maximize profits with custom-designed picking carts designed for robots. These carts enable our customers to fulfill multiple orders at one time, minimize steps, and improve efficiency.

National Cart Co designs picking carts for ecommerce, food and beverage, government, and brick and mortar retail industries. Custom carts are designed around a company’s needs like aisle width, tote, or corrugation size, picking volume, and product weight.

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