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Update! APPRENTICESHIP Program results

Shout out to Fort Zumwalt and Dr. Patrick Brown for this glowing review of our apprenticeship program. We are so glad to hear such positive feedback from such a new partnership.

“On March 8th, 2023, Administrators from Fort Zumwalt met with Student apprentices to get feedback on how the program was going.  It was so wonderful to hear that the Fort Zumwalt Apprenticeship program and National Cart are providing such a positive experience for student apprentices. The opportunity to learn various skills and rotate through different areas of occupation can be incredibly valuable in developing well-rounded professionals. It was also great to see the camaraderie and support among the student apprentices, as well as their willingness to help new apprentices learn and transition to the workplace.

One very encouraging talking point we heard is that student apprentices understand the vertical progression in the industry and what the long-term possibilities might look like if they stay at National Cart. This shows that they are thinking about their future and taking their apprenticeship seriously.

It’s especially important that the apprentices shared they feel supported in their academic pursuits and have the flexibility to ask for time off for school work or other activities. This demonstrates a commitment from National Cart to their overall well-being and success, which is a hallmark of a strong apprenticeship program. It is Fort Zumwalt’s hope that this positive experience will continue for all involved and inspire other organizations to invest in similar programs.”

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