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National Cart’s COVID-19 Readiness Plan

National Cart is committed to the health and well-being of all its stakeholders. Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, customers, vendors, and other partners. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented itself with challenges that most of us have not experienced in our lifetimes. We take the current situation very seriously and consider our handling of this matter to be of the upmost priority.

In addition to being dedicated in handling this critical situation, we realize that we support many in the retail industry at a time when they are most needed. As consumers look to ensure they have much needed groceries, medication, and miscellaneous supplies, they turn to our customer base. National Cart is determined in doing everything possible to avoid interruptions in supply chain. Our customers turn to us and we confidently assume that responsibility. Our immediate approach in managing this matter has been taking swift preventative measures.

This includes:

• Prohibiting international and significantly restricting domestic travel.
• Restricting visitor access to our campuses.
• Disinfecting areas multiple times a day.
• Promoting video and audio conferences over physical meetings.
• Enforcing strict “stay home” policies for those exhibiting any symptoms.
• Encouraging social distancing and hygiene best practices.

As this issue is rapidly evolving, we are keeping vigilant watch over each new development. We continue to review Federal, State, and Local programs for guidelines and best practices. And we ensure that we will continue to address this subject with the appropriate measures.
Lastly, we feel it is best to address any questions or concerns “head on” and that we all remain calm in these trying times. Should any question arise, please reach out to us. We realize the importance of avoiding any hype, misunderstanding or rumor. Please be reassured that we will be frank and open with any information that we may have available.

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