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National Cart Rolls Out Warehousing/Stocking Solutions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                       March 13, 2015

National Cart Rolls Out Warehousing/Stocking Solutions

(St. Charles, Missouri, March 13, 2015)—National Cart, an innovator in material handling solutions, is featuring their proven distribution cart, The Rolltainer, and one of their new products, The Step Cart, at ProMat 2015. These carts reduce three major problems in retail distribution: time, space and safety.

DC to store shelf fast

The Rolltainer offers retailers the fastest means of moving products from the distribution center to store shelf. Its design allows for easy product loading/unloading while providing a hefty 1,000 lb capacity.

Furthermore, the sturdy net enclosure holds product in place eliminating the need for excessive amounts of shrink-wrap. Moving between the DC, trailer and store is seamless with its heavy-duty casters. Rolltainer carts work as a single unit or in multi-cart configurations when pulled using a tug. The carts’ collapsible design allows for nesting and reduces the need for large storage space when not in use.

There is no need to transfer products from pallet to storage or other carts with the Rolltainer. Once product is loaded, it goes from the DC onto trailers and ultimately to store shelves. This increases throughput and because there is no transfer from pallets. Ergonomics and productivity of loading and unloading also improve. According to National Cart’s Vice President of Sales, John Tigges, “The Rolltainer is a game changer as it totally eliminates the need for pallets and shrink-wrap while reducing product touches by up to 50%.”

A step up in stocking safety

The footprint for traditional brick and mortar stores continues to shrink. At the same time, need for vertically stocked shelves increases.  However, a risk for injury also increases while performing necessary stocking. The Step Cart combines easy access to product with employee safety.

“The Step Cart enables greater access to elevated picks and putaways while improving productivity, safety, and ergonomics with its on-board ladder and work platform,” says Tom Rattini, vice president of engineering. It features a built-in ladder. When activated, the ladder holds the cart in place for loading and climbing. The welded and bolted extra-wide steps equipped with non-slip tape, ensure user safety. Its larger than usual handles on each side of the ladder provide balance when climbing. An extended reach bar on top combined with offset push handles protects users from painful shin injuries.

About National Cart

National Cart is a solutions-based material handling manufacturer, located in St Charles, Missouri. The company specializes in custom manufactured products using its unique New Product Development process. This process offers customers the ability to engineer new or existing products to meet specific application requirements.

Learn more about National Cart’s complete product line including the Rolltainer and Step Cart by visiting

booth #3850 at ProMat or go to the company website,


For more information regarding this press release, or to arrange an interview with company management, please contact:

Jenna Deutsch

Marketing Manager

National Cart Co.

3125 Boschertown Road

St  Charles, Missouri USA 63301

(636) 947-3800 Ext. 122

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