Ornamental Covered Cart Corral


Product Use:

National Cart’s Ornamental Covered Cart Corral is designed to make a lasting first impression when customers first enter your parking lot. This upscale corral has a heavy-duty, durable construction that can endure years of tough usage in your parking lot. The architectural styling of the corral can easily be modified to meet local city ordinances and the ornamental, iron look will add style and compliment your store’s brand in the parking lot.



  • Additional roof styles, designs, and colors available upon request
  • Single or Double entry
  • Custom signage available


Concrete Ballast

  • Custom engineered pre-cast concrete curbs secure the corral in place without the need of expensive anchors, core drilling, or pouring cement
  • Pre-cast curbs come complete with embedded threaded anchor points to attach the corral frame and cart bumpers

Ornamental Iron Strength

  • Heavy-duty galvanized mechanical square tubing provides interior and exterior corrosion protection from years of inevitable use and abuse
  • The steel is topcoated with Super Durable Siliconized Polyester powder-coat specifically formulated for longevity in outdoor service
  • Stainless steel hardware and the hot-dip galvanized leg levelers allow the corral to be leveled across inconsistent parking lot grade

Covered Roof

  • The attractive translucent tinted twinwall polycarbonate panels let light shine through, as well as protect your shopping assets from the elements
  • The high visibility of the peaked roof welcomes customers and leads them to proper cart return


  • 2″ full length exterior HDPE recycled plastic bumpers keep your customers car doors scratch and dent free
  • 6″ full length interior bumpers protect your shopping carts at the caster point

Call for more information or ordering. Custom design, colors, and roof styles available.