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Heavy-duty lumber carts are a necessary investment for home and hardware centers. They are also a
needed tool for a variety of stores offering a smaller assortment of lumber and building essentials. The
use of an assortment of material handling solutions can also improve efficiency at a business by reducing
the number of times an employee must individually handle inventory on its way to store shelves.


Versatile Lumber Carts to Handle Products



Product Use:

These heavy duty versatile carts will safely handle a variety of products in the hardware and home center industries. Center bay tube supports will handle sheet material (drywall, plywood, paneling, etc.), while outside tube bay will handle 2 x 4’s, pipe, conduit, etc.


  • All welded heavy duty steel chassis
  • Six wheel tilt design allows cart to be easily maneuvered with the heaviest of loads
  • Tube uprights are fully welded and reinforced with pipe sockets at high stress areas
  • Powder coated blue for a long lasting attractive finish
  • Polyurethane wheels are standard


  • (2) 8” x 2” bolt on rigid center wheels. Replacement order #B000542,
  • (4) 6” x 2” swivel casters. Replacement order #B000507.
  • Fasteners replacement order #B001225.





Order #









47 1/4”


150 lbs.

Lumber carts help provide both employees and customers with access to a convenient and safe method
of transporting large, heavy materials. Each cart is designed to accommodate a variety of materials,
from drywall to pipes and everything in between.
In addition to providing increased shopping ease for customers browsing for a remodel, these carts help
employees transport materials. Whether a worker is filling an e-commerce purchase or transporting
goods to a customer from a custom lumber or paneling area, a sturdy cart keeps workers safer
while fulfilling orders.

Lumber carts


Sturdy construction helps ensure National Cart Co. products stand up to years of use no matter the load.
Our lumber carts are designed with center and outside bay tubes to help provide stability for products
on their way through the store and to the car. The center bay is designed to accommodate larger sheets
of building material.

Our upright tubes are fully welded and reinforced with pipe sprockets at joints and other areas of high
stress. Drywall, plywood, and paneling will easily stand upright between our supports without tipping or
creating instability.

A 51-inch length keeps longer products from drooping to the floor while a 30-inch width helps support
larger orders. A cart height of 47.25 inches helps stop material flopping and provides additional stability
for a heavily laden cart. Lumber carts weigh in at 150 pounds, making them able to sustain a large load
without sagging or dragging.

Our six-wheel design allows our carts and hand trucks to maneuver easily no matter the load and the
size of your aisles. Swivel casters ensure the carts navigate tight turns with ease.
Durable powder-coated paint keeps the body of our carts looking new for an extended period of
time while providing an attractive finish.


Panel cart


Panel carts allow for the easy transport of drywall, paneling and other materials sold in sheets. Much
like lumber, panel materials are easily layered side-to-side between the upright tubes of the carts.
Additional accessories, such as trim and molding can be transported on either side of the paneling.


Hand trucks


Hand trucks, or dollies, crafted from heavy-duty steel prove handy in all departments of a store or a
warehouse. Hand trucks help one person move a heavy load by stacking boxes and containers on a
reinforced plate, tipping the load back on two wheels and pushing forward.

Strategic use of hand trucks can help a night crew move loads of inventory more quickly by rolling out
several boxes to store areas with thin merchandise. The increased load moving capacity per employee
helps increase efficiency. The hand truck also minimizes your exposure to injury claims by reducing the
amount of merchandise employees must carry to the floor.

Due to the ability for the load on a hand truck to tilt or tip over forward, restrict usage to trained


Material handling


Material handling carts are a necessary investment for warehousing and inventory distribution. These
carts are used behind-the-scenes to transport a large volume of inventory to the floor and navigate
smaller items from the loading dock to warehouse storage. National Cart. Co. is an industry leader in this
arena and provides a full range of material handling carts and associated equipment. Our offerings
include step carts, ladder carts, utility carts, heavy-duty U-boats, aluminum utility carts, back stock carts
and five-shelf stocking carts for transporting smaller merchandise.

For smaller enterprises with less merchandise, our smaller cart offerings and lighter weight furniture
carts make an excellent option for moving merchandise. Garden-area specific options feature a plastic,
open-weave design for the deck to allow for draining and easy cleaning.


Platform trucks


Platform trucks provide an alternative to lumber carts for both customer and employee use at
home improvement and hardware stores. In other industries, they are an invaluable tool for inventory
management in warehouses, fulfillment and distribution centers.

Platform trucks are designed with a long chassis and a flat loading deck ready to accommodate certain
construction materials. They also easily hold boxes of inventory for transport to the main floor or
movement through the warehouse. National Cart Co. manufactures both a four and six-wheel version in
multiple sizes to suit the needs of various industries.

Platform truck decks are all-welded steel with a fixed heavy-duty handle welded firmly into place.


Heavy-duty steel


National Cart Co. prides itself on using heavy-duty steel construction to ensure the safety of customers
and employees. This means increased cart stability and reliability over years of use.


Swivel casters


Quality swivel casters ensure our carts stay on the roll with the ability to navigate tight spaces and
negotiate turns in a crowded store.




National Cart Co. was founded in 1979 in a North St. Louis garage. Bob and Dodie Unnerstall started the
company as a service business performing steam cleaning and shopping cart repair on-site at

In 1981, the company started manufacturing cart corrals. By 1983, National Cart started to repair and
improve the carts used to transport food and retail items from the backroom to store shelves at local
grocery stores.

Our years of industry knowledge and cart expertise make it possible for us to design carts to suit any
industry and set of needs. Contact National Cart Co. at 1-855-NCC-CART or email to discuss your custom cart requirements.

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