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Case Study: Tote Pick Cart with Bulk Item Capacity

Grocery E-Commerce picking carts require multi order picking for various SKU sizes

CHALLENGE:  Our customer faced many challenges with their e-commerce program during peak times, such as picking items ranging from loaves of bread to cases of water.  Part of their need was to increase efficiency and decrease picking time. Their picking method required them to use multiple carts and steps due to large and bulk items.

SOLUTION: We were able to provide a Tote Pick Cart that complimented their picking process and provided options that helped with their overall challenges.  An “all in one cart” allowed pickers to decrease crossing the store multiple times to pick items and provided multiple solutions for their picking needs.   The totes are used for separating product for put-away and storing multiple orders. The drop down shelf allowed the picker to handle various SKU’s and non-tote items.

Many other customizable options such as the miscellaneous bin, bag holder, tote ID numbers and ergonomic handle help with safety and efficiency.  Picking directly to the handle bag reduced touches, errors and pick time. Placing the bags in totes allowed the items to stay in place until they were moved into the shopper’s car.

Our customer gained labor hours by reducing pick time allowing them to reallocate labor. Additionally, they decreased error by improving their organization which resulted in a better shopping experience.  By understanding our customer’s needs and challenges we were able to develop a cart that improved their e-commerce program.

Picking Environment

  • Grocery Store
  • E-commerce
  • Distribution Center
  • Multiple Orders

Product Consideration / Requirements

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • (6) tote capacity
  • Drop down shelf for miscellaneous & large items
  • High quality casters
  • Plastic bag holder & versatile bin
  • Standard NCC totes available

We provide solutions to help minimize movement, Increase organization, reduce shrink and overall operating cost.

If you have an e-commerce challenge you would like help solving, please contact us and a member of our team will be with you shortly.

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