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Case Study: High Volume Apparel Picking


Our customer wanted to design a cart around high volume apparel picking. Because full cases were put away, associates occasionally open the boxes as they pick to pull the correct amount of product.  Lastly, they plan to pick directly to corrugate and wanted two carts to pass one another in a 5’ aisle.


The end design was a 100% aluminum construction with a spring loaded center caster. The shelves were slanted for better product visibility and easier access.  A spring loaded center caster allows are the cart to turn on its radius which significantly reduces the amount of space needed to operate and eliminates any rock so the carts ride smooth.  A 23” width meant that two carts could pass on anther in an aisle.  Lastly, a steel fold out shelf allowed for product to be worked on the carts without additional equipment.

Picking Environment

  • High Volume Picking
  • Light weight, apparel picking
  • Carts in use all day

Product Considerations/Requirements

  • Light weight design
  • Narrow aisle
  • Fold out shelf
  • Spring loaded center caster

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