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Case Study: Curbside Dollies Help Organize and Transport Orders

CHALLENGE: Our customer is the largest grocery cooperative group with over 51 members. One of their members is the largest Grocery Chains in the northeast of the United States; they needed an efficient way to move store pick-up orders from the store to the designated pick-up parking spots. Customers were subjected to long wait times while the store associate collected their orders in the front curbside area. To reduce their customers’ wait time, stores needed to organize orders and shorten delivery times.

SOLUTION: We provided a solution to the grocery chain to help organize their store pick-up orders better. And move the orders from the store to the parking lot efficiently. The curbside dolly allows one associate to move large orders by stacking totes onto the dolly to transport to a designated parking spot. After the picking process is complete, the totes are staged on the dolly and ready for delivery.  Once the customer notifies the store they have arrived, the associate can roll the order out on the curbside dolly to the customer’s assigned parking spot.  Another added benefit of this cart is that the removable handle allows the curbside dollies to stack when not in use to maximize storage space.  In addition to the cart’s efficiency, the deck also provides room to place non-tote products such as cases of water, soda, charcoal, and other large items on the dolly. Lastly, the curbside dolly has a heavy-duty lock break that stabilizes the dolly while the associate loads the vehicle.

Picking Environment

  • Curbside pick up
  • Multiple product sizes

Product Consideration/ Requirements

  • Light weight design
  • Carts are stackable
  • Heavy duty total lock break
  • Aluminum design
  • The cart is designed for all weather conditions

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