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Case Study: Box Carts Increase Efficiency

Box carts help with organizing, storing and transporting empty cardboard boxes.

CHALLENGES: Our customers spend a lot of time and effort restocking their pack stations with boxes, which essentially adds cost in indirect movements.  As packers consume boxes, they need to be refilled.  In a traditional scenario, the packer has to leave their work station to go to a central area to get replacement boxes.  Additionally, many times an associate at a pack station will use the wrong size box because they are out of the correct size, and instead use what materials are available.

SOLUTION: We were able to provide a solution to their challenge. A box cart allows the associate to walk up and down a pack station line and refill station. The cart reduces shrink as associates always have the correct box on hand.  They don’t have to leave their station to pick additional materials, which essentially, increases their overall efficiency and productivity.

Picking Environment

  • Pack station
  • Multiple carton sizes
  • Increased efficiencies during packaging

Product Consideration / Requirements

  • Adjustable dividers
  • Customizable shelving configurations
  • 5th wheel design, spring loaded caster
  • Corner wheel brake
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Fully welded, steel construction

We provide solutions to help minimize movement, Increase organization, reduce shrink and overall operating cost.

If your organization is having material handling problems and would like help solving, please contact us.


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