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Case Studies: Helping Customers Through the Pandemic

Case Study: Helping a large Retail chain expand and enhance its curbside pickup program

Customer Profile: They are a top leading regional food retailer in the US. Headquartered in Michigan and founded in 1934 with over 200 locations.

Background:  A large retail chain was shifting to enhance its curbside service program to keep up with the demand for on-line ordering. The retail chain was looking to re-brand and expand its curbside service program to 200+ locations.

Challenge: They didn’t have enough carts in place for their roll-out of the re-brand and expansion of the curbside service. They also needed carts for their program that could provide a picking cart to increase picking efficiency. 

Solution: We provided a pick cart to help with their curbside expansion and help increase efficiency. The picking cart allowed them to pick and separate multiple orders and items. It helps decrease their steps needed to pick orders.

The miscellaneous bin, plastic bag hanger, and printer holder options helped keep all the tools needed to pick better, safer, and faster. 

Picking Environment



Fulfillment / Distribution


Increase efficiency

Lightweight design

Secure and stable

Case Study: Providing a Quick Turn Solution During the Pandemic

Customer Profile: The grocery chain was founded in 1918. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and currently has over 216 grocery stores in the Eastern region of the US. They offer a range of grocery products and offer many services from dry cleaning to daycare in their stores.  

Background: Our customer, a regional grocery chain, closed some of their stores and quickly converted them to “dark store” due to the uptick in online and grocery delivery during COVID-19. Dark stores are strictly dedicated to fulfilling online orders.

Challenge: Their challenge was converting stores in time to accommodate the high demand for online purchases quickly. With the rush to open the dark stores and pulling multiple orders, they needed carts quickly to hold numerous orders and speed up the picking process to keep up with the online requests.

Solution: We were able to provide a quick turn solution to help with their needs. The cart needed to hold many totes to store multiple orders. The drop-down shelf incorporated into the cart holds larger items such as cases of water. It was easy to maneuver and came fully assembled and ready to use once it was delivered.

Case study:  National Retail Expands its Curbside Service Program

Customer Profile: The retail chain was founded in 1971 and currently has over 1,530 stores across the United States. They sell a wide assortment of domestic merchandise and home furnishings.

Background: Our customer, an American retail chain of domestic merchandise, headquartered in Union, NJ re-opened stores, and needed to provide contactless curbside service to over 1,000 locations and expand store fulfillment services as part of the effects of the pandemic. To scale up their curbside services, they needed curbside signs to help navigate customers to the appropriate parking spot for online purchase pick up.

Challenge:  They didn’t have a way to mark the store parking spots for their curbside service. They needed a quick turnkey solution to implement for their e-commerce program.

Solution: We helped them evaluate a sign and stand that was best suited for their curbside needs. They chose a sign that could move from various parking spots and visible for customers to see as they try to look for the curbside pickup location.

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