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Welding Apprenticeship program shows early results.

Apprenticeships are a paid on-the-job workplace program relevant to a particular skilled position. These programs help students gain skills for a particular trade or career path in a way that is both cost-efficient and effective. Apprenticeships combine paid on-the-job training with in school instruction preparing associates for highly skilled careers. Associates benefit from apprenticeships by receiving a skills-based education that prepares them for well-paying jobs. This program is rewarding, challenging and preps students for a career.

The Fort Zumwalt welding apprenticeship program with National Cart Company has recently accepted 6 students. The students are engaged in on-site training in National Cart’s MIG welding program. The students come to NCC after school, earn high school credit, and get paid hourly to learn a life skills. Each student who excels in the program earns a certificate of completion and a certification in welding. These certificates are distributed by the Department of Labor (USDOC Cert.), and they earn 45 hours of college credit for completing the program. After graduation from Fort Zumwalt High School, the students will be offered full time employment at National Cart.

We want to build relationships with our community and its schools. We developed apprenticeship programs to give students an option for life after high school. We are providing a pathway to a career with hands on paid training so that they can get a real world work experience. Students learn by doing and get paid competitively while they get certified. We offer more one on one training for students than they could receive in a similar industry classroom.

With our apprenticeship programs, we are creating flexible training options that ensure students are developing useful skills for their future. We teach them our Code of Conduct – Respect others, Tell the Truth, Be Fair, Try New Ideas, Ask Why, Keep your Promises and Do your Share. Our Code of Conduct assists students in other areas, whether it be social skills like how to talk to peers and supervisors, time management and how to be a good employee so that you can become a great manager. Life skills like welding, assembly, machine operation, shipping/receiving, helping them understand to do work Safer – Better – Faster. These are skills that they can take with them in life and throughout their careers.

Our welding training program is designed to create certified welders who can contribute to our business. Our current certified trainers are dedicated to making apprentices the best at their craft. Their hands on approach aids students in advanced learning of the necessary techniques required to become great welders.

The NCC apprentice career path provides an alternative to going to a university or other forms of higher education. Its biggest benefit is that you will be paid instead of paying for your education. Associates receive hands-on training which is great for those who learn best by doing the work in real-time.

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