Big Cart

Engine 460 H.P. 454 Big Block Chevy V-8
Capacity 360  Grocery Bags 1000 9” Balloons
Height 13’ 2”
Width 8’ 6”
Length 15’
Weight 2500 pounds
Seating Seats 4 Adults in the Baby Seat 

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In the race to provide superior products and customer service to its customers, National Cart Co. has a unique way of delivering the goods in a high profile company mascot named “Big Cart”. This monster of a cart is leased to a variety of retailers across the country and is featured at grand openings, parades and events throughout the year.

Big Cart was conceived, designed, engineered, and copyrighted by Robert Unnerstall, Sr. “Big Cart” is the world’s largest motorized shopping cart and is built by skilled craftsmen at NCC Motor Sports Inc., a subsidiary of National Cart Co.


The original “Big Cart” made its’ debut in June of 1986 at a grand opening of a Schnucks Market in St Louis, Missouri.  “Big Cart” was such a success with the public that three weeks later, “Big Cart” advertising Schnucks Market appeared at the St Louis Veiled Prophet Fair parade to an audience of more than 250,000 spectators.  Schnucks Market still holds a lease for the original “Big Cart” reinforcing their “we make it easy” theme throughout the St Louis area.


With the popularity of “Big Cart” soaring at an unprecedented rate – NCC Motor Sports has since built 7 additional carts for use around the country. There are now many replicas of the copyrighted “Big Cart” design, but we are proud to say that with the ingenuity of Bob Unnerstall and National Cart Co, “Big Cart” is an original, copyrighted design.


We are waiting to build one for you with exclusive rights in your marketing area.  For information call LeAnn Snow at (636) 947-3800 ext. 140 or you can send an email to