Used Shopping Carts

Purchase From Our Large Inventory of Used Shopping Carts.

National Cart recycles over 100,000 shopping carts per year and an inventory of thousands of used shopping carts available for purchase. Our used cart inventory includes plastic and metal carts of all different types, with our inventory changing daily. Inquire with your customer service representative for up-to-date inventory.

  • Product Offering Includes:
  • Trade-in’s welcome
  • ReConditioned process is for metal and plastic carts. Includes repair, cleaning, touch up, and replacement parts.
  • ReCoat is for metal carts. The used shopping carts are recoated throughout a 8-step process which transforms the used asset to “Like New” condition.
  • ReCoat Carts include:
    Finish Removal
    Repair of Welds and Wires
    Prime and Top Coat Finish
    New Handles
    New Seat belts
    New Leg Holders
    New Seat
    New Wheels/Casters

Our Used Carts Provide You Shopping Carts SAFER, BETTER, FASTER!

  • All carts are prepared to safe operational standards.
  • Most makes and models are available for purchase. Call a customer service representative for available inventory.
  • Common cart models include:
    United Wire & Steel
  • ReConditioned and ReCoated carts are warranted as new for one full year.


Unarco 85
Unarco PC-40
Precision 565


Call for a list of our used carts available and for ordering.


Call for your custom order.