A Green Approach

National Cart Co. is not new to green.  We are committed to improving our processes, reducing energy consumption, managing waste, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

We were recognized in August of 2008 for our involvement and completion of the Lean, Clean, and Green assessment delivered by Missouri Enterprise and the Missouri Industrial Assessment Center.  Our efforts will help ensure adequate natural resources and a manageable environment for future generations.



  • Sky lights provide energy efficient natural lighting options.
  • Large diameter 24′ ceiling mounted fans provide an energy efficient air movement.  The fans cool during the hot summer days and distribute heat during cold winter days keeping associates comfortable.
  • Rain water collection from the building and parking lot are directed to a retention pond eliminating discharge to municipal drainwater.
  • The retention pond is a natural environment setting including wildlife and fish.  The surrounding grounds and landscaping are watered from a sprinkler system that draws from the pond eliminating use of municipal water.


  • Investments in new equipment – more efficient and uses less energy to operate
  • Closed loop aluminum cleaning – recycles water without discharge into municipal sewer systems.
  • Powder coat paint – reduction of hazardous waste and Zero ozone depleting chemicals & voc.  No discharge into municipal sewer systems.
  • Recycle 100% paper and cardboard
  • Shopping Cart Recycling – closed loop system without waste discharge into municipal sewer system.
  • We recycle an average of 80,000 shopping carts every year saving over 3,000,000 pounds of waste from entering landfills.
  • All of our products are manufactured from recycled metal and aluminum.  The resulting products are 100% recyclable (less purchased casters)



We have embraced Lean as our discipline system for organizing and managing product development, operations, suppliers and customer relations.  Lean principles, practices and tools are a means of improving the flow of producing goods and delivering services that create value for the customer with:

  • lower costs
  • higher quality
  • fewer defects


  • less human effort
  • less space
  • less capital
  • less time


Lean has a monitoring process that continually evaluates our procedures and looks for ways to improve.  A team effort is the key to our success in the future.